Monday, December 19, 2011

Where's your other vowel, Haydn?

i have very mixed feelings about bodybuilder Michael Sausedo, who goes by various aliases on the softcore gay muscle porn circuit.  (my googling came up with "Haydn Taggert," "Harry Cooper," and "Rocky.")  gorgeous face, great body, amazing sculpted ass (especially great semi-offseason)... but his cock is really disgusting. like, really gross actually. i have never seen a cock like his before. the head looks like it was grafted onto the shaft from another, larger cock and then smashed with an anvil. for this reason i consciously avoid posting any pics showing his penis (although i generally avoid Cock Pics altogether since cocks are not the focus of this blog).

as Michael Sausedo, he posts lots of videos on youtube showing off his offseason training and posing, and he looks spectacular in all of them (plus his cock is safely tucked away in his clothes). i am so far behind that i havent had time to make some screen grabs of these tasty little nuggets, but will do so ASAP dear readers, so please be patient :)

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