Friday, July 15, 2011

New Jersey stud Nick Trigili

a bunch of screen grabs from some random videos.

up-and-comer Nick Trigili is definitely one to follow in the coming months; supposedly he gained over 100lbs of muscle since 2005. as you can see, a lot of that 100lbs went to his butt... heh heh heh. he has some videos on youtube back when he was much, much skinnier (and doing gay-for-pay softcore muscle worship). the growth transformation is pretty hot between then and now. sadly, there aren't a ton of good-quality pics of him, but that may be because he's just now trying to make a bodybuilding comeback after gaining all that mass from his last show. stay tuned!

i got this one from his public Facebook page. 284 lbs and growing. yes, Nick. please keep eating and growing, and please keep doing those squats...


  1. With another year of training, Nick will be destroying the competitive ranks!!