Saturday, October 8, 2011

amazing morphs from Stonepiler

there aren't a whole lot of morphed images on my site because (1) most muscle morph artists tend to focus on pecs and arms, and (2) morphs in general tend to look cheesy and retarded unless the artist has a really good command of photoshop and other software programs.

that said, i am absolutely proud to introduce my viewers (all two of you) to Stonepiler, an artist on, who does truly excellent muscle morphs, and many of them (as seen here) are focused on legs and butts. the true sign of a good morph, in my opinion, is that it still looks somewhat real, but in a too-good-to-be-true kind of way. in many instances i had a hard time realizing if the picture was morphed or not, which again is the sign of a great morpher. this guy definitely deserves more recognition on the internet, especially among gay muscle fans. i realize that has a lot of strict rules about pirating images, so i'll make a point to say that all these pics are copyright Stonepiler on

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