Wednesday, September 21, 2011

oh, Matt Brown

pretty much every fan of Muscle Butt is familiar with Matt Brown and his famous monster shelf of an ass from this pic:

but few are familiar with this pic of Matt Brown by the pool, showing off that same magnificent fuckable rock-hard ass in board shorts:

and NOW, we come to a bunch of screen grabs from an obscure Matt Brown flexing video, in which a pasty, white, ugly, overweight, middle-aged woman repeatedly grabs and tugs at Matt Brown's speedo while deciding how much of his ass to show off to the photographer. I HATE THIS BITCH SO MUCH. FUCK YOU, BITCH. seriously, i can't believe this shit. some ugly woman, instead of ME, gets to play with the stretchy fabric on Matt Brown's ass. there is no justice in the world! :( anyway, enjoy the screen grabs :)

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